GoDaddy Form Mail Woes

I have been working on a site for a few years now, and the bane of my existence has been email forms. Hosted by GoDaddy, this site required use of two or three forms, and I could never get any of them to work. There were no obvious .cgi emailers to use, and the .php emailers didn’t seem to work at all. When I tried hooking it up to the webformmailer.asp, I got an error message. I tried about sixty different things before I called GoDaddy out of pure frustration. Why wasn’t anything working?

Turns out, the account I was working with resides on one of their older servers. It doesn’t support PHP at all, so even though the .php emailers were there in my root folder, I couldn’t use them. I had to use an older .asp form, “gdform.asp”, which is noted on the site as being no longer supported. However, with the age of the server, it is the only thing supported for my specific situation. It was frustrating to find that out, but I’m glad that my form mail woes are finally over.

So, if you have GoDaddy and your form mail doesn’t seem to work, try putting “/gdform.asp” in your form action, set method to “post”.  And whatever you do, don’t delete gdform.asp out of your root folder, because even GoDaddy won’t be able to put it back. Also, make sure you’ve put an email in your hosting account so that the .asp form knows where to send it. Here’s a link to the page that tells you  how to do this.

Here’s a link to the GoDaddy Windows Hosting Form Mail section. I never did find it until my service representative sent me an email with the link.



  1. Prof said

    Contact forms have been the bane of my existence too, especially dealing with GoDaddy. Just to update your readers, GoDaddy isn’t supporting the gdform.asp file anymore either. They’re recommending webformmailer.asp now.

    I hope it isn’t true that they can’t reinstall these mailer forms, as they never appeared on my Windows server and I’m currently asking them to install them for me. XD

  2. Whin said

    Thanks for that! Best of luck getting them to re-install– the customer service rep I talked to was very adamant that he couldn’t get the files back if I happened to delete them. -_-

  3. Carolyn said

    I just discovered two days ago that gdform.asp isn’t working properly anymore so I have installed webformmailer.asp for a Windows client. What a lousy script. The forms people fill out are sent to the owner as attachments rather than in the body of the email. I don’t find any Help files that tell me how to deal with this. I stumbled on the Help files for Webformmailer.asp and copied their example exactly except for our information so I have no idea what I could be doing to make the form results appear this way. Any ideas?

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