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Speeding up Page load times using Photoshop CS2

Recently I’ve come across an issue in my own web site. It takes forever to load! Twenty seconds later, I was looking really hard for ways to speed up the time. One thing about my site is that it is pretty image intensive. I’m a big fan of background images, which may or may not be a good practice…

Images, as we all know, are huge load time suckers. I’ve done some good by using CSS to denote the width and height and location of my backgrounds so that the page doesn’t have to wait for the image to load before the text. However, the images themselves are MASSIVE. Oops.

I work with images using Adobe Photoshop CS2. I’d love to have CS3, but as broke as I am, PSCS2 works great. A neat and easy way to improve site loading is to compress images or lessen image quality. Now, I’m not thrilled about getting rid of my nice, crisp images, but I’ve found that Photoshop’s Save For Web option does a pretty good job of lessening load times while making a generally negligible change in image viewing.

My favorite setting for my backgrounds is to make them Jpeg images (better-looking) at Medium quality setting. This brought my image size and load time down ridiculously, and my pages now load in a snap. They still look pretty good, too! What do you think?


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