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Down the Tubes 4: Desktop Customization

We’re a society that is built on customization. We love to customize our cars, personalize our stuff, and write our names all over everything. Your computer can be an extension of your style, as well, beyond putting stickers on your laptop or changing your desktop to a really awesome wallpaper. This is where desktop customization comes in, allowing you to add features to your computer to make it truly yours. Hard-core desktop customizers use programs that change every bit of their GUI, or graphical user interface (your desktop), down to the exact font of toolbar menus, but for beginning desktop customizers, it’s a good idea to stay simple. These programs will give a little extra kick to your PC without weighing you down.

RocketDock (
PC owners, ever wanted a really neat dock like Macs have? Rocket Dock gives you that functionality for PC, so you can say goodbye to the cumbersome Start menu. The dock functions exactly like the Mac version (it even has skins that look exactly like a Mac dock). You can add programs or executable files to the dock, and they’ll be right at your pointer when you need them. I’m a desktop minimalist, and I hate having a bunch of stupid icons cluttering up my desktop, so Rocket Dock has been a great problem solver for me! Rocket Dock is fully customizable, and it has so many possibilities for features that it might replace the task bar altogether!

Stickies (
If you’re a compulsive list-maker like I am, you’ll really appreciate Stickies for PC. The program, made by Zhorn Software in the UK, allows the user to make virtual “Sticky Notes” that live on the desktop of the computer. I use them as punchlists for papers I’m working on (especially thesis!), to-do lists for the week, or as pop-up reminders.
Stickies stay on top of your other windows, as if they are real sticky notes. You can also choose to have them stay “stuck” on the desktop as well. A really neat feature of Stickies is that they can be transferred to other people over a network. I don’t know any friends who use this program, but it would be neat to send notes to others. The notes themselves are totally customizable, with changing fonts and background colors.

Serious Samurize (
Serious Samurize is a really neat tool for PC that allows you to see all sorts of information about your computer. It can act as a clock, a memory counter, a battery signal, a fan speed sensor, and has so many other uses for keeping your computer’s functionality in check. In the edit function, you add modules that will tell you all of the information you need to know, down to how many kilobytes you have free on your hard drive. It has a lot of other functions that I haven’t figured out yet, but it has been a very useful tool for me. It is also fully personalized, since you make it from scratch, so it will look however you want it to.


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